Online Intuitive Tarot Readings

Clarity, guidance & direction

An online intuitive tarot reading can help you navigate certain times in your life and make things seem less chaotic. 

Whether it’s a specific question you’d like clarity on, an event that your feeling unsure of or a difficult decision that you just can’t make on your own, an online intuitive tarot reading will give you accurate answers to any and all of your pressing questions or concerns that you may have. 

All of my intuitive tarot readings are done online through zoom, in the privacy of your own home. 

My Offerings

Through years of doing tarot readings I have found that most people come with a specific question or questions in mind that they’d like clarity and or direction on. With this in mind I have split up my readings so they are tailored to suit you.

1 & 3 Cards Readings

Quick and straight forward tarot readings to answer one question with the help of a singular card or up to three. This reading will be sent out to you for your convenience.

30 & 60 mins Readings

Very detailed tarot readings on any topic you need clarity around. Tarot card spreads usually cover the root cause, past energies and give a prediction on outcomes.

Your Year Ahead

The most popular tarot reading for any time during the year. This tarot spread gives you a great overview on what the year has in store for you and what areas need your attention.

About Me

Known as “The Energy Muse” I am a clear channel for spirit, utilizing my connection and alignment with source energy to inspire my readings as ignites the god-spark in my clients, supporting their own alignment and abusability with source. I am also able to identify blocks, and congested areas in my clients energy fields that require attention. 

With a compassionate practical approach, I deliver intuitive insights and healing guidance, as well as energetic clearings

Kind Words

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